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Australia Hostage

A Lone gunman – the global nightmare

The recent terrorist attack in Sydney, Australia highlights the nightmare of any counterterrorism agency: some lone gunman who perpetrates an act of terror all by himself. Although there appears to be no direct link between this event ‘down under’ and ISIS, this link nevertheless exists, much to the chagrin of security and intelligence bodies the world over.

During the special rescue operation, two of the hostages were killed, a man aged 34 and a woman aged 38, along with the terrorist, Man Haron Monis, who was shot dead. Four people were injured, including a policeman.

Earlier today, the Australian media revealed numerous details about Monis, the hostage taker. Man Haron Monis was borne in Iran, from which he emigrated after some “complication” with the local regime.

Bron: iHLS Israel Homeland Security

Monis has a long history with the Australian Police, having been convicted of 22 counts of aggravated sexual assault and 14 counts of aggravated assault. He was also accused of attempting to kill his ex-wife.

This unbalanced person ‘simmered’ to the point of blowing up. Something must have triggered his actions, and it would not take a great expert in terrorism to see the connection with the current events in Iraq and Syria.

But this merely the small part of this problem. The major issue, to put it mildly, is the flood of youngsters from all over the world into ISIS, whether because they find it romantic or because it enables some of them to act out all sorts of sordid perversions.

All attempts to monitor new ISIS recruits have produced little more than partial results. Those who join without the local authorities’ knowledge constitute the largest potential for lone gunmen with training and motivation.

Many countries have failed to grasp the point. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of young people from Europe, the US and other countries,

Including Australia, are being trained by ISIS right now, as we speak, and learn how to take someone else’s life without flinching.

If the world does not wake up, soon, then what happened in Sidney will be but a minor prelude to a major catastrophe.